Formerly Cult City Tours

75 Million Years Ago…

an intergalactic warlord sent billions of tax cheats to Earth, where their souls inhabited humans, preventing humanity from having superpowers… then things started to get weird.

Buildings and businesses started to disappear from Downtown Clearwater. And just like that, a vibrant city became Creepy, and Creepy became Cult Tours.

Go Behind the Curtain

Join us on a 1-mile walking tour of Downtown Clearwater, Florida. For over an hour, we’ll entertain and inform with reports ripped from the headlines mixed with behind-the-scenes stories and opinions from escaped cult members’ before being served with a heavy dose of satire. Learn what’s said about the cult, their beliefs and practices, their history in the city, facts, fallacies, their impact on the city, and what goes on behind closed doors.  The cameras will follow us every step of the way, and if we’re lucky, we might even get followed by cult security or yelled at by a real cult member!



“I just wanted to say, please don’t be deceived by the friendly, the apparent friendliness. That’s not what this is about. This is strictly a bigoted hate group trying to promote divisiveness in our downtown. And that’s all I have to say about it.”

Paris Morfopoulos, Scientologist, owner of One Stoppe Shoppe, Chairman of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board 

“This is a public records request… of any and all public records since January 1, 2021, regarding “Cult City Tours” or any Scientology-related “tour” in Clearwater” and this “clearly bigoted activity”

– Glen Stilo, Corporate Secretary, Church of Scientology

“Bigoted propaganda”

– Scientology spokesman Ben Shaw